What’s Changed on Facebook Business Pages

Surprise! Everything changed again. Such is the nature of Facebook.

While Facebook is still in the process of rolling out all of its changes to business pages, they should affect all pages fairly soon. Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Ad campaign subgroups. While this doesn’t change anything for the customers’ experience, this might be the most significant change if you use Facebook Ads. Facebook’s old ads only had two tiers: campaigns and ads. You could set the budget for campaigns, but couldn’t get more specific than that if you wanted to micromanage the pricing of a smaller group of ads. The new system adds the option for an extra tier of pricing, which gives you much more control over how you spend your money.
    This is the definitely the best of the new changes, which is why we’re leading with it. Facebook has called it a “simpler way to organize and optimize” but that’s a confusing choice of words, since it actually just opens up more options. Facebook Ads is clearly taking some lessons from Google Adwords, trying to be taken seriously as an advertising provider.ad_set
  2. Pages to watch. Tapping into every business’ competitive spirit, Facebook has added a feature that lets you compare how many likes you’ve gained over a certain period of time to your competitors (or any other page you might want to keep track of).
  3. Photos are even bigger. This change affects both the main News Feed and the one on your business’ page. Facebook wants to more closely sync the look of the mobile and desktop experience.
  4. Admin toolbar redesigned. The old administrative toolbar was oversized, hard to use, and hard to navigate. The new one is much sleeker, unobtrusive, and provides more information at a glance. Definitely an improvement.
  5. Information and News Feed in separate columns. The old design pinned company information to the top of the page and displayed posts in an awkward two-column system. This made it incredibly awkward to see your posting history in a chronological display. It also confined all of the company information (description of the company, number of Likes, friends who Like the page, etc.) to a small ribbon of information up top.
    The new design separates these two things into cleanly distinct columns: information on the left and the News Feed on the right. This is another change we very much support.

It’s incredibly rare to read about Facebook changes that people actually support, but I find very little to complain about with these changes. It sounds like the company is actually taking some serious steps toward making business pages useful and usable.

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