SellerActive + Intergation is Live!

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It’s time to celebrate – you can now use SellerActive to list products on! Currently, has 3.6 million customers since their launch in July 2015 and we want to help you capture those customers. If you missed our post, 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Selling on, check that out to see if this new integration is right for you. Keep reading to learn all about how you can link your account with SellerActive.

As you probably know by now, does not provide a seller interface – you must either develop your own or use a third-party inventory management service, like SellerActive, that has integrated with Jet.

Once you are approved to sell on, you must complete the Runway, which is easy to do in the SellerActive platform. This involves getting the API set up, running a test order and running a return. For a detailed walk through on how to get set up, visit our Support page for more details.

Are you excited to get started with the latest SellerActive integration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

SellerActive + Google Shopping = Newest Integration!

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Managing your Google Merchant Account just got a little easier. Now you can easily sync your Google account with your preferred shopping cart, all within the SellerActive platform. This is important to sellers because if your items’ inventory do not match between the shopping cart and Google, Google has the power to remove the items due to inconsistency.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll see when setting up the account:


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Sell on Amazon in Europe With Our Newest Integrations!


Our latest integrations within the SellerActive platform are for all of our customers who currently or wish to sell internationally! As Amazon continues to grow exponentially across the pond, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to do the same. In addition to Amazon UK, which has been a SellerActive integration for a while now, we have launched Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain!

This update means that you can now manage your Amazon inventory across all of the Amazon marketplaces in Europe. Our customers will be able to use SellerActive the exact same way as any of our other Amazon integrations – for inventory, order and pricing management.

For customers that utilize the Amazon FBA features, it’s even easier for you! Simply send your products to the FBA warehouse in the UK, which will then be sold and shipped across all of the European marketplaces. As always, the entire process is handled by the Amazon team, so the only thing you’ll worry about is making more money for your business by expanding into international Amazon marketplaces.

Happy selling! Ciao!

Our Recap From eBay OPEN 2016!


Last week, SellerActive Senior Sales Consultant, Tim Bildstein, attended the eBay OPEN Seller Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was intended for all eBay enthusiasts, particularly those who sell on eBay. Tim was able to gain insight on what eBay has up their sleeves for the remainder of 2016 and beyond! We sat down with Tim upon his arrival back to Portland to hear all about his trip.


Q: How does eBay plan to market their product over the next year?

A: eBay is gearing up with a hard marketing push on channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Also, starting on August 1st, 2016 they will be marketing on national television networks such as ESPN, HGTV and NBC – just to name a few. I think they have done their research on where millennials spend their time and plan to advertise in those spaces.


Q: eBay on Facebook Messenger? That sounds like an interesting strategy. What else can you tell us about that?

A: It’s definitely an interesting new tactic from eBay. Essentially, customers will receive a Facebook Messenger notification 15 minutes before a listing ends and/or if they are outbid in the final 15 minutes of an auction. You can read more about it on eBay’s blog here.


Q: How is eBay improving their platform to make it more user friendly?

A: Recently, eBay launched their new Seller Hub for all sellers, which will help eBay sellers create listings faster, see daily sales trends and optimize listings. All of the new analytics are very impressive. It seems that eBay has spent a lot of time studying and analyzing data to make the selling experience more user friendly.


Q: Anything else we should know?

A: I was blown away by this conference and am very excited to get to working with SellerActive clients on ways to improve their eBay listings!


Overall, Tim had a wonderful time at eBay OPEN last week, getting the chance to pass along everything he learned to his current and potential clients. If you are interested in getting on eBay or improving your eBay listings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at SellerActive!

Why Negative Amazon Feedback Isn’t All That Bad

A bad review is often the worst thing you want to see as an Amazon seller. Many sellers know that winning the Buy Box is best achieved by improving feedback score, so when sellers receive bad reviews or feedback of their product, they may get upset and try to get the feedback removed. However, bad feedback on Amazon isn’t necessarily a bad thing:

Bad Feedback Offers Balance

A seller with nothing but outstanding feedback may run a really great business, or they may be paying for the praise, which is against Amazon’s policy. Consumers trust the business owners more when they see both good and bad ratings, which could potentially lead to a lift in sales down the road.

Also, if a seller has a sudden increase in sales, but not an increase in positive feedback, Amazon may investigate the account for underlying reasons that they are not aware of, but should be.  

You Can Fix Unknown Issues

Sellers should always accept feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. With negative feedback, sellers are able to focus on the issue and fix it as quickly as they can. For example, if many customers complain of poor packaging, it’s an easy fix on the seller’s end. A quick resolution is important in these situations, because it gives the seller a chance to resolve the issue while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Once the seller feels that they have solved the issue the best they can, the fate of the feedback is in the customer’s hands. The customer has the option to edit or remove the feedback after a solution has been made.

Bad Feedback Is Better Than No Feedback

Not receiving feedback from your customers is often times worse than receiving negative feedback. As mentioned above, sellers are able to communicate with the customer to rectify the situation at hand and potentially change the rating. Also, an increase in sales without feedback could lead to an investigation by Amazon, which would not happen if there were a handful of negative reviews.
With all of this in mind, of course, positive feedback should still be your goal if you’re an Amazon seller. Have you ever received negative feedback from a customer and if so, what did you do about it?

Pricing Manager Page Updates!

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Search All Marketplaces Feature – Have you ever wanted to compare prices across multiple marketplaces for a specific SKU, or figure out which marketplaces a specific SKU is or is not on? With our new “search all marketplaces” check box on the Pricing Manager page, you will be able to see this information and use it to make quicker decisions.. See the image below for more information on where to find the “search all marketplaces” check box.

Pasted image at 2016_07_08 10_45 AM

Skip Prompts Feature – The Pricing Manager page gets another upgrade with the “skip prompts” check box. If enabled, you will no longer be prompted with the following dialogue boxes: “Are you sure?” and “Saved X number of items successfully”. This is most helpful to our customers who make multiple changes, as they will save time by skipping the prompts during their work in the SellerActive platform. See the image below for more information on where to find the “skip prompts” check box.

Pasted image at 2016_07_07 01_01 PM (1)

Stay tuned for our next Feature Friday edition! We have some awesome new integrations in the works that we can’t wait to share with you.

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Feature Friday: Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime Access & More!

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Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime – If you use Desktop Shipper with SellerActive, it is easy to get set up with the Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime program! Approved sellers that are already eligible to participate in the program can use Desktop Shipper to send Prime-eligible orders from their own warehouses, and qualify for Amazon’s negotiated rates. They’ll also qualify for the speedy two-day, Sunday delivery and even same-day delivery shipping.

Pricing Manager Page Update – You’ll find a new and very helpful icon on the Pricing Manager page that will notify you to view items that are at their floor price. There is also a new filter option under “Advanced Filters” that will allow you to include items that are at their floor price.

Listing Manager Update – Listings waiting to be published on the Listing Manager page can now be deleted.

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Everything You Need to Know at IRCE 2016



Are you headed to Chicago for the Super Bowl of conferences, better known as Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) this week? Great, so are we! This post will highlight everything you need to know so you have a great experience learning from the best at IRCE.


Visit SellerActive at Booth 221!

Are you hoping to find some cutting edge new tools to help expand your e-commerce business? How about capturing more Buy Boxes on Amazon? These are the types of questions we would love to discuss with you. We understand that implementing an automated software is an important decision to make, and we want to help!

Come by, get a demonstration of the software, and walk away with a nanocopter (while supplies last)!


Speakers + Events We’re Excited For

Tuesday, June 7

9:15 am – Seller Central 101: Marketplace Listings Best Practices
Dave Madoch, Director, E-Commerce – Toynk Toys
This session will dive into how to create comprehensive product listings using Amazon Seller Central. Learn how to efficiently organize your product data for the best performance on Amazon!

10:30 am – Get Discovered: Advertising Strategies for Retailers
Matt Kubancik, President, Founder – Street Moda
Anna Nason, Online Marketing Manager, Data Feeds: CSE, Marketplaces – FTD Companies Inc.
Your work doesn’t stop once your Amazon listings are live! Learn all about how to advertise your products effectively and increase visibility on the Amazon marketplace.

11:00 am – How to Own the Buy Box
Marina Macartney, Director, Marketplace – Swiss Watch International
Nina Won, Director, Sales, Marketing – ShoeMetro
Understanding the Amazon Buy Box and how it works is only half the battle. This session will teach you how to reprice on Amazon and still make money. Hint: come check out SellerActive after this session to learn about our re-pricing strategies!

2:45 pm – Amazon 2016 and Beyond
Gene Munster, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst – Piper Jaffrey
Amazon is constantly in innovation mode. This session will dive into the latest projects that may impact your Amazon business both now and in the near future.

Wednesday, June 8

10:30 am – How I Got Profitable
Brad Rusin, Director, E-Commerce – Phoenix Leather Goods
All business owners have the same goal: to get into the black. Businesses of all sizes will greatly benefit from this session that dives into what needs to be done to achieve profitability.

11:00 am – Managing Drop Shipping in Times of Crisis
Sam Sisakhti, Owner – USTrendy
Drop shipping is taking over the e-commerce world, but what happens when a crisis strikes? Attend this session to see how you can gain maximum control over your drop shipping business.

1:15 pm – Dynamic Pricing – Boon or Bust?
Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner – Retail Systems Research
Monitoring your competitors pricing is an important part of your business. This session will walk you through the process from deciding if this strategy is right for your business to the potential implications that come along with it!

3:15 pm – Taming the Returns Beast: How One Retailer Wrote the Book on Product Returns
Jason Willitts, CEO – Quipt
E-Retailers are often faced with the challenge of frequent returns, due to customers not being able to see the product in person before they buy. Learn how to benefit the most from returns feedback in this session.

Thursday, June 9

1:15 pm – Reviews Happen: A Strategy for When and How to Respond
Mike Ward, President – Thrift Books
Jordan Garner, Director of Customer Success – TrustPilot
Most products on Amazon have hundreds of reviews. Make sure you are keeping up with a timely response and sincere message.

3:45 pm – The Hidden Gold in Post-Purchase Marketing
Jay Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer – Chief Outsiders
Learn the most effective way to utilize post-purchase data to market towards your most loyal customers in this exciting session!

Friday, June 10

8:30 am – The State of E-Commerce Search
Zak Stambor, Editor, Online Marketing – Internet Retailer
Attend this session if you are interested in learning more about driving traffic from paid and natural search and how to keep up with the changing industry.

10:15 am – Google Product Listing Ads – Making Them Work for You
Rick Backus, CEO, Co-Founder – CPC Strategy
Darren Baldwin, Director, E-Commerce Strategy –
Learn about Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and why they are popular among online retailers. The speakers will go through how to set them up and make them effective!

1:30 pm – Keys to Profitable Growth With Google Shopping
Brett Curry, Lead Strategist – ClassyLlama
William Harris, Vice President, Marketing & Growth – Dollar Hobbyz
This will be another great session discussing Google Shopping. Gain knowledgeable insight from the speakers on how to format product feeds to provide an immediate lift.


Learn All About the Latest SellerActive Updates!


This week on the blog, we are sharing some major updates to the SellerActive platform. Get ready to make your life as a seller easier. Hooray!

Velocity Pricing – Velocity pricing is now available to all customers who wish to update prices on a per SKU basis without assistance from our Support Team. This is a powerful new repricing method for all sellers, especially private-label sellers with no competition to base price changes on.

Line Item Updates – Orders with multiple line items can now be updated individually, instead of with a full status update. This update is useful for sellers that utilize dropshipping as a fulfillment method or with items coming from multiple locations.

Partial Shipments on Shopify – Orders with multiple items within Shopify that will be shipping separately can now push tracking independently.

Purchase Queue Upload – If you utilize our Low Stock Report for your business, you no longer have to select each individual listing by hand and add quantity one by one. With the Purchase Queue Upload, you can move 100+ listings over to the Purchase Queue at once! Click here for more information.

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Multichannel Selling Made Easy with SellerActive’s Newest Features!


Today on the SellerActive blog, we are sharing the latest and greatest updates to our platform. Take a look and let us know in the comments below how these updates will help you with your e-commerce business!

New Bundle Reports – The SellerActive bundle report displays current bundles and quantities. You can also modify bundles and debundle items, then upload the report via the File Upload page to enact those changes in SellerActive.

Manual Integration Option – The Manual integration is a great way to store inventory and orders that do not belong with any of your other integrations. For example, you could use it for an online marketplace SellerActive is not yet integrated with, or for your brick-and-mortar store.

The Manual integration functions as a holding tank for inventory and orders for any one of your marketplaces. You can add and modify individual listings manually, via API connection, or by file upload.

NOTE: This integration is for use within SellerActive only. Any adjustments to listings or order information will not automatically push to the marketplace you are synchronizing orders and listings from.

Buy Box Report Update – SellerActive is now able to tell you the percentage of time each SKU has occupied the Amazon Buy Box within the current Buy Box report. This statistic will be most accurate for items that have constantly been in stock. Data has been running since 4/15, so go ahead and try it out with your products!


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